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Ondria Hardin by Dan Martensen for Vogue


“We were laying in bed just the other night, looking at the ceiling, and I said: ‘You know, it’s been thirty years, and it’s never felt worn. There’s never been a sense of tiredness with you.’”

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Michael Pitt and Brit Marling in Mike Cahill’s “I Origins”, 2014.

please let me see this film now… I’ve waited it for so long…

Elisabeth Moss photographed by Matthew Welch

Dolores del Rio: A Mexican from a affluent family, Dolores set out to become an actress after her family lost their wealth after the Mexican Revolutionary War. She may not be a household name, but in Mexico she is the quintessential face of femininity and is considered something of mythical status throughout Latin America. Even Marlene Dietrich considered her friend Dolores “The most beautiful woman”. Before Rita Hayworth, it was Dolores that was wrapped around Orson Welles arm. She was popular with American audiences in the 20s, 30s and 40s, and starred alongside Fred and Ginger, Anthony Quinn, Sophia Loren, James Stewart and even Elvis Presley. But once it became hard to find good roles and make box office hits in Hollywood, she left to Mexico to revive her film career. She didn’t come back to Hollywood until the 60’s. (X)


Eugenia Volodina in “French Twist” by Xavi Gordo for ELLE Spain, August 2014

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